End Shield Hub Type

End Shield Hub Type

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End Shield Hub Type is manufactured using pressure die casting process and is used in motors of ships and as fly wheels in automobile industry. Its dimensions / size and other specifications are standard and hence these can be used with all brands of motors / automobiles. This important part is crucial to lend support to brake flange. The end shields are installed along with Circlip, Hub and Keyway to complete the construction. It is made using standard and high grade material having requisite tensile strength.

Design of End Shield (Hub Type)

It depends on material of construction, evenness (in mm) and axial runout (in mm). Further, its roughness is also an important parameter in its design and construction, which is calculated separately with flange and without flange. The hub type end shields have threaded holes with a certain minimum thread depth. Also, there is no oil and grease in the product.

Features and Specifications of Hub Type End Shield

  • Supplied to GE Motor Faridabad
  • Casted in LM-24 Grade
  • Minimum Thread Depth is maintained, which keeps the screws in their place, hence avoiding their run onto the root. This directly ensures secured fastening of brake.
  • Ideal tensile strength and good corrosion resistance, which increases the durability of product
  • Rugged design and simple installation